Jump into the water

In a periphery of about 20 km. we have no less than 10 different good beaches.

The nearest is the beach in La Londe. This is about 6 km away.
There are actually 2 beaches (one to the right of the harbor and one to the left of the harbor) both beaches are very good for children.

The beach of Le Lavando is a very big and lovely beach. It’s about 13 km away.

The beach in St. Clair is a smaller beach. It is our favorite beach. There are several lovely restaurants on the beach itself with good food. (lunch only)
Be carefull it gets deap very fast deep. There is about 14 km. to the beach.

The beach in Hyeres is a very big beach, and also worth a visit.

And so we could go on. There are plenty of options.

Also remember our really good and very large POOL just off the house. It takes about 3 min. to go down there. It is probably the best pool we have tried with plenty of space.