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From La londe harbor the fast boat sails to beautiful nature-reserve islands
Porquerolles and Ile de Port-Cros.
Leave early and bring travel shoes, packed lunches and swimwear, both islands and beaches are magnificent.
There are good restaurants on both islands.

Bormes les Mimosas.
One of the most beautiful places, flowery and charming cities, 10 km from Le Belvedere.

Mont Faron.
This mountain lies just above Toulon with stunning views of the sea, town and harbor. Walk through la Valette and follow the signs to Mont Faron. The way up and down is a oneway street. On top is a World War II museum, a zoo and a restaurant.

Le Lavandou.
This is a real tourist city, with everything that follows. Discotheques and hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants. Some of the attractions that attract many of the guests are the fine sandy beaches that the city is known for.
At Le Lavandou you will find a varied nature of the best that Provencal nature has to offer; pine trees, mimoser, eucalyptus, palms, chestnut trees and cork eggs.

Collobrie`res is hidden between pine forest and mighty chestnuts and is definitely worth a stop. Known for its candied chestnuts, maroon glace`s, which is an export product, but also sold in gift boxes from a small shop in the middle of the city.

14 km from Collobrie`res and deep inside the forest is a strange looking convent, Chartreuse de la Verne, founded in 1110 by Karteusmunke. Today, it is a brotherhood, Bethhlehem’s brothers who attend the monastery thats also accessible to visitors, when you respect the place of peace

Also visit Grand Canyon du Verdon.

Around 100 km to the northeast lies Grand Canyon Verdon, it is one of Eurpoas most significant natural landmarks.

(see our book on pages 38-39. Provence Travel Guide.

We wish you a great pleasure.

Photo from kloster Chartreuse de la Verne.